Rising Star Leaded Glass
2920 Marquita Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Phone: 817-551-5557 or 817-377-1410
Email: info@risingstarleadedglass.com

Leaded Glass. Beveled Glass. Stained Glass. Made to size. Designed for you. Fabricated locally. Installed in just a few weeks.

Our Business

You’ll expect professional guidance. We’re good listeners. We’ll collaborate on your design ideas. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that what you want and expect is what’s installed a few weeks later!
If you like, we’ll “give you the tour”. For most, it’s good fun. We’ll show you all the steps in layout, cutting, assembling, mitering and soldering the glass, as well as putty, seal and polish the finished window. You’ll learn about the patterns in the glass, different glass types, and how it’s made. But watch out! It is our passion, and I can get wound up in it all… just “reel me in” every now and then if I get carried away.
Once we’ve settled on a design and bid it for you, I’ll come out and measure. I can confirm the installation technique personally, to assure there’s no complications when we’re done.

Our Location

We’re centrally located and easy to find: 2920 Marquita Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76116.  Be sure and call before you come! We are often “in the field” for measuring, installing or repairing leaded glass.